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Welcome to the Anadarko High School Guidance


Scholarship applications are being uploaded to this site.  Simply click the "Forms" link above and open the scholarship applications.  Please be mindful of all deadlines.  



**Concurent Enrollment Guidelines**


Anadarko High School students will have the opportunity to take concurrent college classes through Southwestern State Oklahoma University. Classes will be available through TV and online formats. This is a great opportunity for students to earn college credit while attending high school and earning high school credits. Students will get to experience what college classes are like and get a head start on earning college hours.


  1. Grades and credits received from the concurrent enrollment class will be posted to the high school transcript. Grades will be averaged into the GPA. Students must be aware that if they are taking a college course, the grade earned in the class will impact the student’s high school GPA and class rank.

  2. High school class schedules will be adjusted as follows:


    • 1 concurrent class – the student must take 4 classes at AHS
    • 2 concurrent classes – the student must take 3 classes at AHS
    • 3 concurrent classes – the student must take 2 classes at AHS


  1. Any questions should be directed to the Junior/Senior counselor or the high school   principal.